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The MarketGrabber Product is by far the best product and most affordable for what it does.
Gerald H.
"Working with AlphaPlex has definitely been a blessing. Before finding Alphaplex we couldn’t get anything accomplished, so luckily we found them and it has been a pleasant experience.
The expertise and advice that we received was what helped us decide to go with AlphaPlex. The MarketGrabber Product is by far the best product and most affordable for what it does. The Total Customization has been instrumental in accomplishing what we needed done. Working with the Staff is second to none. We were able to talk for numerous hours helping us decide on the best way for us to proceed."
You Guys are Wonderful!
Wendy W.
"You guys are great. Great instructions on this. I had no trouble getting this done.
Thanks again. You guys are wonderful."
Kudos to the Team!
"I have worked with literally thousands of Job Boards, MarketGrabber is downright awesome! Kudos to the team!"
Outstanding Service!
"Thanks very much for your outstanding service! You did great job and provided perfect support. Special Thanks for Cara, she really rebuilt our site professionally."
No other package that we looked at came even close
Kathy S.
"Purchasing MarketGrabber was a "no-brainer" for us. We looked at several similar products, but MarketGrabber needed very little customization to meet our needs. No other package that we looked at came even close. MarketGrabber was ready to use right out of the box, but we chose to have AlphaPlex do some customizations for us before launching our site, and I couldn't be happier with the results - it looked and worked exactly as I asked for! I would highly recommend MarketGrabber to anyone starting a classifieds site, whether you have the skills to build such a site yourself or not. If you're not a developer, AlphaPlex can set up everything for you, then you just manage the site through a simple control panel. If you do have some web development skills, as I do, I still highly recommend MarketGrabber because it will save you from many frustrating months of development. Why do that to yourself when this product is ready to use as is, and is easily customized? Last but certainly not least, AlphaPlex has always been quick with support, answering my questions to my satisfaction."
My experience with AlphaPlex was extraordinary
Alan C
My experience with AlphaPlex was extraordinary. I have been involved in the development of several websites and worked with several web developers. I was extremely anxious, as I had an existing business, which was growing rapidly. A smooth transition was very important. Working with the team at AlphaPlex was seamless. From the pre-decision phase getting my questions answered, to a wonderful experience with the design department, and most of all the patience and prompt responses from Ed, made the experience professional and delightful.
I liked the marketing features with the coupon section/reporting, the automated e-mails to renew customers, and the ability to communicate with customers through the built-in e-mail system.
Also, I think the ability to sell subscription services and individual job postings fit in perfectly with my business model. The job regions give my business the ability to grow worldwide. Best of all, I can facilitate and manage most of the sections myself, not needing to pay ongoing support and tech fees.
I would highly recommend the MarketGrabber product and working with AlphaPlex. It has been a real pleasure!
The service is beyond my expectations
Johnny H.
"In the 10 years or so that I have been involved with web site design and development, no one, no one has come close to offering the products and prices you have delivered. Your sites are robust with features no one else thinks to include and makes it very easy for an operation like ours to get up and running with class and confidence. The service is beyond my expectations. Kind and considerate voices on the other end of the line, taking time to explain any concerns or questions I have and going to the extra mile to provide me with features that help make owning a site and upkeep a breeze. Would I recommend you. Is the Pope catholic? In fact, I don't know how I could go about this without you. My experience with you has been wonderful."
Well, let me just start off and say I am one happy client
Paul M.
"Well, let me just start off and say I am one happy client and have been telling all my friends about MarketGrabber. I had interviewed with several companies to design my website before I made my decision.
MarketGrabber not only set my site up but was very helpful and informative in making all my decisions. I also use MarketGrabber to support my site. Their excellent advice and knowledge has helped me save an exorbitant amount of money.'

Our experience with MarketGrabber was EXCELLENT.
Dan L
Our experience with MarketGrabber was excellent, I would definitely recommend them.
The software is very user friendly.
I Love it!
David M.
"I love it! I will definitely be expanding this site to include the other features.


I am also exploring to build up to 5 more full sites which may lead to many more!"
Finding AlphaPlex was the best thing that could have happened to us
David G
"Just a quick note to let you know how pleased we are with AlphaPlex and the MarketGrabber product. It’s been such a pleasure to work with you and the staff at AlphaPlex. After two failed starts with other web developers that couldn’t deliver, finding AlphaPlex was the best thing that could have happened to us. We are so happy that the other web developers failed—which led us to you.
The MarketGrabber product is marvelous. If provides so much functionality at a surprisingly good price. The base functionality is quite comprehensive as is. But after some customizations it is perfect. I can’t say enough good things about it. We now have functionality that we thought we’d never be able to afford.
Further, the staff at AlphaPlex has been wonderful to work with: professional, easy, reliable, and friendly. You delivered what you promised, on time, and on budget. Who can ask for more? AlphaPlex gets my very best recommendation."
Your products + your service and support are simply the best!
Joe L.
"If you EVER have a potential new client that is hesitating about buying your product and asks for references, please have him or her call me. Your products + your service and support are simply the best!"
Great Design Job!
Max W.
"I have to give my feedback that your event entry tool is awesome. Entering multiple dates is so smooth and fast and the way they all line up with the event in the listing front end looks great. I also appreciate the way the upcoming events line up with the "glorious" photo to the left ... that looks awesome and very user-friendly, easy to scroll and find one they are interested in.
Great design job!"


WOW, where should I start?
Lisa B.
"After working with two other design companies, both who were unsuccessful at programming my site the way I wanted, I finally found not only someone who could do exactly what it was I wanted, but did it at a fair price and with a good attitude.
Ed gave me a four to six week window for launch. After four weeks and two days I was up and running. He has been an outstanding individual to do business with and I would recommend him to anyone."
I would definitely recommend the MarketGrabber product.
Richard E.
"All of the AlphaPlex staff have been great. I am a novice and they have been very patient. Really like the turnkey nature of the products and the branding has been excellent. I would definitely recommend the MarketGrabber product."
Your application actually works better than advertised!
John H.
"Your application actually works better than advertised, which is uniquely outstanding in the industry and quite frankly, a pleasant surprise. We have also found Kim to be a fabulous resource to work with as she is very prompt and accurate in her work to implement the design changes we communicated to her. It has been a pleasure to work with your team over the past few weeks."
It has been a great product that is very easy to use
Scott H.
"It has been a great product that is very easy to use. We shopped a number of other classified programs before we decided to try MarketGrabber. It has beat the others we have tried, hands down. We could have saved a ton of money by trying MarketGrabber first.
It is easy for our customers to place ads. If they use the product, we make money. If they don't, we won't. MarketGrabber is so feature rich that we are still discovering new features almost one year later.
The guys at MarketGrabber have quickly addressed our questions and the product has worked as advertised."
Brilliant! Your Team is Pro and Awesome!
Max W.
"I have to tell you your company and programmers are first class and brilliant.
You have created a program so well organized and easy to find and strip in custom content, tweak and add css that if just fun working with it.
I have referred you to 3 of my clients recommending the purchase the module that fits their biz and I will help them get it up and running. Let's see what happens!
I will be very happy to be a reference for you in the future if needed.
It was a good day I found your website and purchased my software from you!"
Excellent Job Board Software and Support
"The cost of setup for the MarketGrabber Job Board was extremely reasonable. I paid a one-time license fee and a reasonable monthly price for hosting and support. The team got everything setup quickly within a few days.
The support and service have been top-notch. I have tried a lot of job board software and feel that the overall knowledge, service, experience, and capabilities of MarketGrabber are unmatched."

"You Guys are by Far the Best Company I Have Ever Dealt With."
"I just wanted to pass on my sincere thanks, the level of help and professionalism I have received from your staff Eric and Cara have been truly top notch. I have worked with a lot of 3rd party companies with premade programs, and you guys are by far the best company I have ever dealt with.
Being a development company owner myself, I know good help is hard to find, and I just wanted to take the time to say that you guys are by far the best company I have ever dealt with."
Fantastic! Just what we needed!
Mark F.
"The changes you made look fantastic! Just what we needed. Thank you for getting this done so fast and accurately."
MarketGrabber is a great web software package.
Sharon P.
"MarketGrabber is a great web software package with a lot of features and functionality. As a web developer with a client looking for these features, it made more sense to just BUY MarketGrabber than to try to build the website myself! MarketGrabber does what it claims to do and has been very reliable and easy to use. Oh and the instructions are great! Every question I've had has been answered in the User Manual.
The features I liked most about MarketGrabber are the customizable "look" features. I've been able to obtain a look and feel that my client loved.
I would recommend MarketGrabber without reservation."
Working with AlphaPlex has been an easy and enjoyable process
Russ S.
"Working with AlphaPlex has been an easy and enjoyable process. I would recommend the MarketGrabber Product."
The site looks GREATTTTT! Excellent job!!
You really care for your people! May God bless you always and thank you a million times for all you do. The site looks GREATTTTT! Excellent job!!
"We are extremely happy and satisfied with this organization."
Kim M.
"We are extremely happy and satisfied with this organization. We have been with them since 2008 and have gone through several design changes and have added new features to our two Market Grabber websites. All without incident.


They respond quickly to our needs and are quite reasonable in price for design outside their standard feature template. They provide excellent support and answer technical questions quickly."
Very friendly and responsive.
John R.
"I am very happy with everything MarketGrabber has done. Very friendly and responsive. I will likely have some future enhancements and will purchase another license when we get more money."
Really Appreciate your Customer Service!
"You were patient with me and I truly appreciate that. You answered all of my questions which helped me make the decision to move forward. The software is affordable and has just what I'm looking for to be successful running a job board.
I would certainly recommend MARKETGRABBER to anyone."
Highly recommend MarketGrabber for its quality software & exceptional customer service.
Ralph S.
After many years of reviewing and testing various job board software options, I can confidently say that MarketGrabber is the best and easiest software to work with. It offers a range of features that cater to the needs of hiring companies and job seekers alike. The user-friendly interface and intuitive design make navigation a breeze, even for those with limited technical knowledge. MarketGrabber provides hiring companies with powerful tools to streamline the recruitment process, including easy job listing management and robust search options for finding the right candidates. For job seekers, the software offers a seamless experience with advanced search capabilities to find relevant opportunities quickly. the outstanding customer service provided by the MarketGrabber team ensures you receive the support you need to succeed in building your job board business. I highly recommend MarketGrabber for its quality software and exceptional customer service.
My experience with AlphaPlex and the MarketGrabber product has been extraordinary.
Lenny R.
"My experience with AlphaPlex and the MarketGrabber product has been extraordinary. The features and ease of use make this software the best I've found. The product as-is, is great in itself. I had AlphaPlex add some customizations, and before I knew it, I had exactly what I was looking for, with some nice features I hadn't initially thought of.
The staff at AlphaPlex has an enormous wealth of knowledge when it comes to their product, and can customize it to meet even some of the most challenging requests. Always on time, and done right the first time. The support and service that comes with AlphaPlex, and the MarketGrabber product, is second to none.
When combining the friendly, professional staff at AlphaPlex, with the MarketGrabber product, I believe it's one of the best (if not the best) total packages out there. I encourage anyone who would like to talk to a client of AlphaPlex to get in touch with me. I highly recommend AlphaPlex and the MarketGrabber product."

Extremely Efficient!
Glen G.
"I couldn't recommend MarketGrabber highly enough!
The service is extremely efficient and speedy. MarketGrabber has given me a clear advantage over my competitors to date.
You will be very happy with your choice if you choose MarketGrabber!"