MarketGrabber Services by AlphaPlex, Inc.

As developers of MarketGrabber Software, we offer an array of design, customization, and installation services to meet your individual website requirements.
Whether you host with us or secure your own hosting server, we can assist you every step of the way!

Unbranded Version

We Remove "Powered by MarketGrabber" and add your Logo and Color scheme.

Standard Design Services

Remove powered by MarketGrabber. Includes up to 2 Hours of Design by our Staff - Our most Popular Design Service!

Enhanced Design Services

Removed Powered by MarketGrabber. Includes up to 4 Hours of Design by our Staff.

Premium Design Services

Remove Powered by MarketGrabber. Includes up to 6 Hours of Design by our Staff - Our top-level design service!

Hosting, Support, Installation

Our optional hosting service includes free installation and support.

Installation - Standard Installation

Professional installation on your servers. Standard Installation Included - additional costs may apply for some hosting providers.


We understand that many customers have unique requirements or features that may not be found in standard off-the-shelf software packages. Our company, AlphaPlex, has been developing custom solutions for over seven years in a wide range of industries and applications. MarketGrabber® is built in a highly modular fashion using standard software engineering practices which makes it easy for us to customize the system to meet specific requirements. Typical customizations might include: •Database Modifications •New Database Tables •Functional Modifications •New Functions •Interfaces to Other Systems