Using MarketGrabber Outside of the United States

We provide international options to our clients worldwide.

Automatic Localization via

When MarketGrabber is setup for you, we set your "locale" to represent your preferred language and culture. When this is done, the following occurs automatically:
  • Currency Symbol - is set to the currency symbol for your locale
  • Date Format - dates are formatted for your locale
  • Number Format - numbers are formatted for your locale
  • Postal Codes now available for the UK and Canada upon request

Localization via Backoffice and Settings

You can use the following self-service back office admin capabilities to further localize your site:
  • State/Provinces - you can change the list of states and provinces displayed.
  • Countries - you can change the list of countries displayed and applicable to your site.
  • Postal Codes - our self-service backoffice admin system allows you to manage postal codes outside of the U.S.
  • Distance Measurement - proximity searching can be set to miles or kilometers using the backoffice settings wizard
  • Area Measurement - area measurements for real estate lot and building sizes can be set to US or metric using the backoffice settings wizard
  • Your Local Time Zone - our events software uses this to make it easy for customer to save events in their own time zones.
  • Local Time Server Offset - the backoffice settings wizard can be used to set your local time (instead of using the time based on where the web server is located)

Payment Systems

Payment systems vary by country, but we have worked with a number of payment systems outside the US including:
If you have non-US payment system you would like to use that is not listed above, just let us know and we can check to see if we support it.


MarketGrabber can be translated to other languages by editing the ASP.Net resource files that come with the product. Once that is done all other text is managed via the Backoffice and entered in your native language.

To edit the resource files we recommend:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio Community  - free from Microsoft - Free Download
  • ResXManager - can work stand alone on a computer or as an add-on in Visual Studio.  Supports use of Microsoft and Google translation APIs.
    Free Download
MarketGrabber is available in Spanish.  For more information click here.

If you have any questions about using MarketGrabber outside of the US, please contact us and we’d be happy to help you.