MarketGrabber SSL Certificates - Generation/Installation/Configuration


If you will be using an integrated payment gateway, your site will require an SSL certificate. This is required by all financial institutions that provide credit card processing. You can purchase your own certificate if using your own hosting or we will handle this for you if hosting with us.   

If you provide your own hosting, contact your hosting provider about acquiring an SSL certificate.


An SSL certificate provides two important  features on your website: 

  • Encryption - it encrypts all data sent to and from your customers so that their credit card information cannot be stolen during transmission 
  • Identification - because SSL certificates are only issued after an identity verification process it assures customers that they know who they are doing business with.

If you are going to take payments through Paypal Standard (visitors leave your site and make payment on Paypal's website) you do NOT need an SSL certificate.

SSL enabled sites requires our MAX hosting plan.