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MarketGrabber RESPONSIVE Websites

Beautiful, responsive bootstrap design.
Full functionality across all devices.
MarketGrabber Responsive Websites
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MarketGrabber responsive websites now support all of your current and prospective customers no matter what device they use to access your website:
  •  Smart Phones – IPhone, LG, Samsung, etc.
  •  Tablets – IPads, Surface, Android, etc.
  •  Laptops – Microsoft, Apple, Google, etc.
  •  PC’s – Microsoft, Apple, etc.
  •  Browsers – Chrome, Safari, Edge, IE, Firefox, etc.
MarketGrabber Responsive Websites
  •  Fully Functional - Your customers can use all of the functionality of your website from a phone, tablet or PC. Customers can view content, login, create listings, upload photos and logos, share site content contact advertisers, etc.
  •  Search Engine Optimized – Your site is automatically marked as “mobile friendly” in Google search results and makes it easier to appear in phone and tablet searches.
  •  Socially Engaged – Customers on phones, tablets or PC’s can easily share content to Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, etc.
  •  Adapt to Device Used - Automatically adapt their look and feel based on the size of the device being used. All photos, graphics and display ads (including Google ads) automatically resize.
  •  Touch Friendly - All links buttons, sliders, etc. are touch-friendly – no mouse required!
  •  Reduce Maintenance Costs – No need to maintain the same content in a mobile and non-mobile version of a site.
  •  Reduce Customization Costs – No need to reproduce the same customization in a mobile and non-mobile version of a site.
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