MarketGrabber Integration with Google Job Search.


MarketGrabber Integration with Google Job Search.

We are pleased to announce that a new update to our Job board software includes integration with Google’s AI-powered job search engine.

As a job board owner, what does this mean for you?

Jobs that are entered into your site will include structured data to be indexed in Google Job Search.


Placement for your employer’s job postings in Google’s job search.

Job Seekers

Job placement in Google job search means job seekers have a better chance of seeing your employer’s job postings. Once the job opening is found, Google will then direct job seekers to your job board.

Site Owner

Increased traffic to your job board with a better overall conversion rate.

We believe this is going to be a big help to niche job boards by allowing them to compete with some of the larger players in the market.

Time will tell how this all plays out but we are very optimistic that this could be a game changer for job board owners.

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