Get Employer Job Feeds with the MarketGrabber Job Import!

Edward Barry

The MarketGrabber Job Import Add-on makes it easy for employers to send you feeds of their open job postings.


Getting Feeds from Employer's ATS

Most mid to large-sized employers use an ATS system (applicant tracking system) to manage their job postings, applicants, onboarding processes, etc.  Most ATS systems have built-in features to create a feed of job postings.


Key Features for Your Employers

·        No Development - there is no software development required for your employer.

·        No Data Entry - your employer does not need to manually enter jobs into your site.

·        New Job Detection - Your site automatically detects the employer's new job postings.

·        Deleted Job Detection - Your site automatically removes the employer's deleted jobs postings.

·        Frictionless Job Applications - Job applicants go directly to the employer without the applicants having to go thru additional steps on your site. 

·        Up-to-Date - Your site is automatically in sync with the employer

·        Analytics - Employers can access data about job views, applicants, etc.


For Employers without an ATS

If your employer does not have an ATS or system that can create a feed of their jobs, another option is for you to set up a "scrape" of their website that lists their current job openings. We can help you work with a "job wrapping/job scraping" service that can read the employer's website and generate the required feed.

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