Social Networking

Social Networking - Included Features


Give your advertisers the ability to link their profiles to their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles.

Make it easy for site visitors to share your listings on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking sites. 

When the Social Networking Add-On is installed these features are added to your detailed listings displays:

  • Visitors can Post Links to Your Listings on their Facebook Pages
  • Facebook Visitors can use the Facebook "Like" button to indicate they like this listing and that will appear on their Facebook profile
  • Visitors can "tweet" your listings to their Twitter account
  • Visitors can share your listings with numerous other social networking platforms via the Add This link automatically inserted into your listings
  • Customers can add a link to their Facebook Wall to their profile
  • Customers can add a link to their Twitter page to their profile
  • Customers can add a link to their LinkedIn page to their profile

 Note: Sharing links require site owner to get a free Add This account.


Customers can connect their listings to their accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Included FREE