MarketGrabber® Installation Service

Installation is free when you order any one of our Hosting/Support Services.

Third-party Hosting
We offer installation service if you would prefer to use your own hosting server and have us do the installation for you.

Standard Installation - $99

"Standard Installation" means your server is up and running and all pre-requisite components are installed and accessible to our installation team.
Standard Installation Pre-Requisites
• Your Windows server has been ordered and provisioned by your hosting provider.
• Your server is running Windows Server 2016 or newer, IIS 10 or newer, 4.7 or newer and MS SQL Server 2017 or newer.
• File System Access/Permissions - your hosting provider's control panel allows you to modify file system read/write access to directories where photos, logos and other customer uploaded files are stored. Your file system can be accessed via FTP or RDP.
Standard Installation applies to hosting providers where our previous experience shows they are likely to meet or exceed our installation pre-requisites. Contact us for a recommendation or to check on your hosting provider.

Installation Plus - $99 - plus additional fees may apply

"Installation Plus" means one or more items listed above under "Standard Installation Pre-Requisites" have not been met. This means our installation team is likely to have to interact with your hosting provider's support on multiple occasions in order to get your pre-requisites met and get your website installed. For example: setting up FTP access and SQL server access. You may be charged for additional labor to help you resolve any issues with your hosting platform.
Installation Plus applies to hosting providers where our previous experience shows they are unlikely to meet our installation pre-requisites. This requires our installation team to do more work than should be required for an installation. Contact us for more information.
Contact us directly and we will be happy to review your installation options in more detail.