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RSS Input

RSS Input RSS Input - Included Features
  • Add Content to Your Web Site Automatically!
  • Have a full web site the day your site goes live!
  • Add news, listings, video feeds, events and other content via RSS feeds into your web site pages.
  • Your Site Becomes a General Purpose RSS Reader
  • RSS Content can be added to any page
  • Easy Administration - your admin system includes a tool to configure how RSS inputs work on your site.
  • Page Selection - you control what pages will display RSS feeds.
  • Display Location - you control where the RSS feeds will display on a page (top or bottom of other content).
  • Update Frequency - you control how often the RSS feed is fetched.
  • Multiple RSS Feeds per Page - you can insert more than 1 RSS feed on a page.
  • Display Order - you control the order in which RSS feeds display if you have more than 1 feed per page.
  • Fill Empty Space - using RSS feeds you can fill empty areas of your site to ensure site visitors see content the very first day your site goes live. After you start to insert your own content you can remove any RSS feeds you no longer want.
  • High Performance - RSS content is cached in your database which prevents unnecessary retrievals over the network.
Import RSS Feeds into Your Site (Now included with any order)