Oodle Export

Oodle XML Feeds - Syndicate Your Content to Oodle $49.00
Editions - Can be used with the following MarketGrabber editions:
Classified, Directory, Real Estate, Vehicle
Oodle Export Features
  • The Oodle Feeds Add-On of MarketGrabber® automatically sends your ad listings to Oodle for double the online exposure! Your ads will automatically appear in Oodle search results.
  • What's Oodle? Oodle is a search engine designed specifically to show ads from "marketplace" sites such as E-Bay, Yahoo, Auto-Trader and many others.
  • Editions Supported - Oodle feeds can be added to our Classifieds, Community, Real Estate and Vehicles Editions. Pricing is per edition.
  • Zero Administration once the feed is accepted by Oodle, their system automatically reads your data periodically.