Job Import

Make it easier for your larger customers to import multiple jobs at one time. Included FREE $0.00
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Job Import Features

The Job Import Add on for Employment makes it easy for your larger customers to import multiple jobs at one time using a CSV File or an Indeed formatted XML file.

  • Your customer starts by creating a CSV File or  an Indeed formatted XML file of their jobs - many IT departments at larger employers already know how to do this or have internal HR systems that can do this.
  • Your customer uploads their jobs file to your site by selecting the file from their computer
  • Your customer reviews, updates and accepts the categories assigned to the imported jobs
  • Imported jobs are automatically run as long as the number of jobs does not exceed the limits of a subscription or other pricing plan you've assigned to the customer
  • Excess jobs that exceed a customers subscription are placed in a draft status.  If the customer imports more jobs than allowed by their subscription or other pricing plan, the jobs are imported in a draft status.
  • During the import, old job postings that are no longer seen in the import can automatically be deleted (this is optional).