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Directory Pre-Registration

Directory Pre-Registration
Pre-populate your Directory site with free basic ads and "upsell" customers to purchase featured ads.
List $49.00
Editions - Can be used with the following MarketGrabber editions:
Directory Pre-Registration Features
  • Directory Pre-Registration Add-On of MarketGrabber® is an exciting new tool for pre-populating your Directory site with free basic ads and then contacting those customers to "upsell" them to purchase featured ads.
  • Pre-Populate Your Site - Input listing thru the back office in order to pre-populate your directory site as a way to "jump start" so that it is not empty when your first launch your site.
  • Simplified Data Entry - a single data entry screen is provided to enter a customer and their advertisement including photos. This makes it easy and quick to pre-register customers.
  • Pre-Registration Email Management - a set of functions are provided to send email to pre-registered customers to encourage them to purchase featured ads.
  • Simplified Purchase - the customer is taken from a link in their email directly to a special page on their site where they can upgrade their ad to a featured ad and pay for it immediately.
  • Customize Your Own Marketing Copy - You can enter your own marketing copy that is sent in email messages and displayed to the customer on the web site
  • Auto Assigns Key Data - automatically registers customers, assigns them usernames and passwords and creates a basic ad.